Soft Wash House Washing

The hot and humid Central Virginia climate can do a real number on the appearance of your home’s siding. In addition to the usual accumulation of dirt, dust and grime that builds up on home siding, you also have to deal with the unsightly growth of algae, mold and mildew. We can help!

Our Soft Wash home exterior cleaning method is the only right way to wash a house. We apply a completely SAFE specialized cleaning solution to your home’s exterior to break up the buildup of dirt, grime, and organic growth. Then after a short time, we rinse it all away with a low pressure rinse, revealing the sparkling clean, like new siding underneath!

Never let anyone use high pressure power washing on your siding! High pressure cleaning has its uses (it’s great for concrete driveways and sidewalks), but it should never be used on your home’s siding, gutters, or roof. High pressure power washing in the wrong hands can cause permanent damage to your home’s exterior, leaving you with a much larger (and far more costly) problem than dirt, grime, and mold.

Our Soft Wash House Washing is ideal for all types of home exteriors in the Lynchburg, VA / Central Virginia Area.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method is the fast and economical way to make your home’s existing roof look like new again. It’s called “Soft Wash” because we use a gentle application of our specially formulated roof shingle cleaning solution to safely remove the unsightly growth of algae, mold, mildew, and lichen that has attached itself to your roof, causing those ugly dark stains and streaks.

Beware of Power Washing companies claiming they can “clean the dirt off your roof”. This is so important because your roof isn’t dirty – it’s actually infested with the growth of algae, mold, mildew, and lichen that feeds on the moisture buildup and limestone in your roofing shingles. High pressure power washing may temporarily remove the stains and streaks, but only a specialized roof cleaning treatment like you will receive from Hill City Pro Wash will prevent the organic growth (and the stains and streaks) from quickly returning, thicker and darker than before.

Never let anyone use high pressure power washing on your roof! Don’t make the costly mistake many unfortunate homeowers have made – be sure to entrust the cleaning of your home’s roof to a company like Hill City Pro Wash that uses the safe and effective Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method. You will not only be making your roof look like new again for a considerably longer period of time – you will also be making the intelligent choice to protect your roof (and your wallet) from the costly roof damage that can be caused by excessively high pressure power washing.

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is ideal for all types of residential roofs in the Lynchburg, VA / Central Virginia Area.

Exterior Gutter Cleaning

Did you know the EXTERIOR of your gutters can be cleaned, too? We can safely & effectively remove those unsightly dark streaks that have accumulated on the exterior facing of your gutters, making your gutters and downspouts look clean and new again. This service is the perfect finishing touch to our Soft Wash House Washing service!

Concrete Pressure Washing

Looking for a fast and effective way to bring the “shine” back to your property? Our specialized concrete cleaning equipment washes away that unsighlty ground in dirt, grime, algae, mold, and organic staining to make your property’s exterior surfaces look clean and new again. You will be amazed by what a dramatic difference our Concrete Pressure Washing makes for the overall appearance of your Lynchburg, VA / Central Virginia Area property!

Our Concrete Pressure Washing services include:

• Driveway Cleaning
• Sidewalk Cleaning
• Patio Cleaning
• Porch Cleaning
• Pool Deck Cleaning and more!

Brick Pavers Restoration

Have your brick pavers lost their color and beauty? Constant exposure to the elements is hard on brick pavers. Over time they take on a dull, faded look and often suffer from vegetative growth in the mortar joints. We can help!

Let us restore the luxurious beauty and rich colors to your brick pavers. Hill City Pro Wash offers complete Brick Paver Restoration at a fair price so you can once again be proud of your property’s brick paved surfaces.

• Brick Paver Cleaning washes away the buildup of dirt, grime, and organic growth
• Brick Paver Resanding helps to lock out moisture, vegetation, and insect infestation
• Brick Paver Sealing restores beauty and color while shielding pavers from the elements

Deck & Fence Cleaning

Has your deck or fence become drab and weathered-looking? Decks and fences, especially those constructed of wood, are subjected to Mother Nature’s worst year round, resulting in a negative impact on their appearance. We can help!

Let us restore the true, natural beauty to your deck or fence. Our safe and effective cleaning method washes away that embedded layer of dirt, grime, and organic growth so your deck or fence can return to being a beautiful part of your property and outdoor living environment.

Our Deck & Fence Cleaning services include:

• Wood & Composite Deck Cleaning
• Wood & Vinyl Fence Cleaning
• Gazebo Cleaning
• Arbor Cleaning
• Outdoor Furniture Cleaning and more!